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   * [[classroom-tech:​personal-laptop|Using Your Personal Laptop]]   * [[classroom-tech:​personal-laptop|Using Your Personal Laptop]]
   * [[classroom-tech:​display-driver|Universal Docking Station Display Driver]]   * [[classroom-tech:​display-driver|Universal Docking Station Display Driver]]
 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +You can attempt these steps to troubleshoot some issues with the universal docking stations in most classrooms.
 +  * Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to your device
 +  * Disconnect the USB cable from device and power adapter from docking station, wait for a minute, then reconnect the power, wait for 30 seconds, and reconnect USB cable to device
 +  * Make certain that the correct sound output device is selected for universal docking station
 +  * Reinstall [[classroom-tech:​display-driver#​reinstall-the-driver|universal docking station display driver]]
 +If none of those steps fix the issue, please [[http://​​support|contact MLC Network Services]].
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