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-====== Windows 10 Upgrade Information ====== 
-On July 29, 2015 Microsoft released the latest version of their main desktop operating system, Windows 10. This upgrade is being presented to customers as a free upgrade for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users. However, at this time, **it is NOT recommended to accept this upgrade for school-owned computers**. 
-===== Current Issues ===== 
-Here are the lists of current issues we know of in regards to Windows 10 and services offered by MLC Network Services: 
-  - Our current Novell network requires you to uninstall the current Novell Client and install the latest version (AT LEAST Novell Client 2 SP4). Even after doing this, you will see a red X on top of each mapped drive. Novell is aware of this issue and will release a fix as soon as they can. 
-  - If you computer falls asleep, sometimes it will not allow you back into your user account (it will just sit there and spin with the new, pretty cursor). 
-  - Our printing service is not currently compatible with Windows 10. You will need an updated version of the iPrint Client before you can print using Windows 10. 
-  - We are investigating issues with our currently-offered antimalware/​antispyware package from Microsoft. 
-  - We do not know what incompatibilities there might be wth Smart Notebook or other corresponding software. 
-We are planning on migrating to Windows 10 as soon as we have our heads around the issues listed above (along with some more that are specific to deployment and management). 
-If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are having issues, [[http://​​support|please contact our office]] so that we can try and help you as soon as possible. 
-===== Possible Workarounds ===== 
-==== Novell Client ==== 
-  * [[https://​​support/​kb/​doc.php?​id=7016733]] 
-==== Frozen Login After Sleep ==== 
-  * Restart machine if it is frozen 
-  * Shut down computer if you are going to leave it alone for a while 
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