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-====== ​Directions ​for Registration ======+====== ​Scheduling Courses ====== 
 +You can {{::​directions_for_registration.pdf|download a PDF of these instructions}} ​for easy printing. 
 +  * Scheduling Orientation:​ **Wednesday,​ March 9, 2016 @ 11:00 am in the WCC Auditorium** 
 +You can also watch the **[[https://​​a/​​file/​d/​0B8fuOJZ9DN7kbVk3RG5lVVhhZTA/​view|2016-17 Scheduling Video]]** for a visual guide. 
 +===== Dates to Know ===== 
 +  * TBA 
 +===== Planning Your Schedule ===== 
 +  * Log onto [[https://​|Portal]] using your [[network-services:​accounts|MLC Account username and password]]. 
 +  * Select Scheduling > Schedule Planner to begin the process. 
 +    * **Preference** to make personal choices. 
 +    * **Modify Courses** to select courses and the semester you desire. 
 +    * **Plan Schedule** to develop a proposed schedule, being careful to note different semesters. You must develop a plan for both **//​first//​** and **//​second//​** semester if you are attending the full year. 
 +    * **Make It Fit** to design your schedule. If a course does not fit, the course will appear in a white box on the left side of the screen. Click on the course in white will make potential meeting times appear in red boxes on the schedule grid. If you are unable to make your schedule fit your selected courses, you must go to back **Modify Courses** to make changes. 
 +    * A **Help** tab is included. If you have conflicts that you are not able to resolve, please contact the Records Office. 
 +**EDUCATION JUNIORS** - If you plan to sing in a choir, other than College Choir, select Tuesday as your clinical day. 
 +Your plan is automatically saved. You can go back to it any time through the MLC Portal. Your advisor is able to review your plan at any time. 
 +**SET UP AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR ADVISOR TO APPROVE YOUR SCHEDULE!** Your advisor //must// click the **Approve** button **between March 30 - April 8** before you can register for classes. 
 +//Note: Past due financial accounts must be paid in full before a student can complete course registration for the following semester unless an exception has been granted by the college administration. Past due balances include fines such as library and parking. Please direct any questions to the Director of Finance.//​ 
 +===== Registration ​Day Procedure ​===== 
 +After your advisor approves your schedule, you will be eligible to register for classes at your appointed time (individual registration times will be posted under the **Registration** tab on the Portal). 
 +  * Click on **Register** on your **Schedule Planner**. 
 +  * Click on **Finalize Registration**. This finalizes the registration process. 
 +//Note: Any changes made to a final registration must be done through the Drop/Add procedure.//​ 
 +==== Scheduling Dates ==== 
 +Registration opens at 6:45 am with staggered starting times. 
 +  * Monday, April 11 – Rising seniors, fifth-year students, and emergency/​student teachers register 
 +  * Tuesday, April 12 – Rising juniors register 
 +  * Wednesday, April 13 – Rising sophomores register 
 +===== Deans Office Documentation ===== 
 +==== Education & Staff Ministry ==== 
 +  * {{::​2016_education_staff_ministry_registration_process_and_tips.pdf|2016-17 Registration Process & Tips}} 
 +==== Pre-Seminary ==== 
 +  * {{::​pre-sem_courses_2016-17.pdf|Pre-seminary Program Course List for 2016-17 by Semester}} 
 +  * {{::​pre-sem_sceduling_foolers_2016-17.pdf|Scheduling "​Foolers"​}} 
 +  * {{::​pre-sem_scheduling_faqs_2016-17.pdf|Frequently ASked Questions (and Answers) to Pre-seminary Course Registration}} 
 +  * {{::​sem_abroad_2016.pdf|Pre-seminary Semester Abroad}}
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