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 ====== Adding Events to the Homepage ====== ====== Adding Events to the Homepage ======
 +This documentation will help you add events to the feed on the homepage and the calendar of events found at [[http://​​calendar]] as well.
 +{{ :​website:​events.jpeg?​300|}}
 +  * Log into WordPress dashboard for the homepage
 +  * Click on ''​Events''​ on the sidebar
 +  * You can click on ''​Add New''​ to create a new event or edit exiting events similar to posts or pages
 +  * Add any information you would like to the resulting event listing
 +From the ''​Events''​ section of the dashboard your can also add information about different ''​Venues'',​ ''​Organizers'',​ and ''​Event Categories''​ that are used often.
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