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Micro Focus Filr is a service offered by MLC Network Services to give students, faculty, and staff access to their files stored on the campus file servers wherever they are … on (almost) whatever device they want!

Here are some other resources about Filr to look at:

The Basics

You'll need to know what your MLC Account login credentials are, so have those handy. When you are ready, then do the following:

That's it! You are now logged into MLC's Filr instance and can take a look around. Here is a brief look at what you have access to:

My Files

This is a look at your personal files stored on campus. You can find WINDATA, which is also know as the I: drive, where you have been storing things when logged into the campus network. You can also create folders and add new files as well. Click around into folders, on files, download files, view information, and much more!

Shared with Me

Sharing is one feature of Filr, so you can share files with those a part of the campus family. This is where you will find the files that have been shared with you from other people.

Share by Me

Here you can find all of the files you have shared with me. Check to see who you have shared them with, what their status is, and share new files as well.

Net Folders

Here are the folders usually found in the Groups folder, or the G: drive. These folders are shared with many individuals and need to be explicitly setup but Network Services. If you feel you are missing access to key folders and files here, please contact Network Services so that they can look into it.

Filr Applications

Filr is not just a website, it is also a number of applications available on a number of computing platforms to give you access to your files from a number of devices.

Desktop Applications

Filr is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. This application provides access directly from your computer wherever you have an internet connection. You are then able to download those files explicitly, or access them only the you need them.

To install the application, do this:

  • log into the Filr website (see above)
  • click on your name in the upper-right of the page
  • click on Download Filr Desktop App
  • choose your platform, download, and install

That's it. Follow the instructions from there. The one piece of information you will need is the site URL:

Otherwise, it is pretty straight forward.

Password Changes

When your MLC Account's password is changed, you also need to change the password for Filr or else it will not work properly. Often this will mean that all of your files will not show up and that files will not be synchronized back to the server or changes moved either. Here are some basic steps to change your password on the desktop applications:

  1. Right-click on the Filr icon in the status bar
  2. Click on Logout
  3. Right-click on the Filr icon in the status bar
  4. Click on Login
  5. Enter the new password when prompted

You will need to be connected to the internet for this to work properly. If you continue to run into issues, please contact Network Services.

Mobile Applications

You can find the Filr app on your mobile app stores for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Visit those app stores and search for Filr to download and install.

he one piece of information you will need is the site URL:

If you have any questions, please contact Network Services.

Fall 2017 Filr and Microsoft Word 2016 Bug on Windows with Fall Creators Update

Fall 2017 has brought another bug, this one much narrower in scope than the bug this past summer. This only affects Windows 10 devices with the Fall Creators Update and saving from Microsoft Word 2016.

You can keep up with their work by visiting this TID from Micro Focus.

This bug can manifest in a number of ways:

  • Create a new document in Word 2016 and then attempt to save into any folder within Filr results in a 0K document which cannot be opened and will “bluescreen” your device, resulting in an unintended restart of your device.
  • Attempting to save any changes to a document open in Word 2016 the changes not being saved and the same “bluescreen” and restart as above..

There are possibly other conditions, but these are the two commonly affecting users. Documents currently inside of Filr are able to be opened safely, and you can open, change, and save using other applications on your device (has been tested with Excel, PowerPoint, and Notepad successfully). You also need to have the Fall Creators Update installed.


Workarounds for this issue include the following:

  • Save a new document, or the Save as … document copy, to your Desktop, close Word 2016, then copy-and-paste the document from your Desktop to the appropriate folder in Filr.
  • Open a document in Word 2016, make your changes, Save as … to the Desktop and then copy-and-paste the document from your Desktop to the appropriate folder in Filr.
  • Have Network Services install the Open Enterprise Server Client on your machine so that you can log into the OES file servers (will only work when on campus and connected to the physical network or the MLC Academic WLAN).
  • Do not complete the Fall Creators Update until a fix is found.

You can watch a short video on the issue along with the first workaround on YouTube.

After the document has been moved to the appropriate folder within Filr, it will synchronize as normal. You can also download, open, modify, and then upload the changed file to the Filr website similar as you would work with a Word document in Google Drive.

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