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XFINITY on Campus

One of the benefits students receive while residents at Martin Luther College is access both to an XFINITY cable TV subscription. For help with your physical XFINITY cable TV subscription, please contact the Student Life office.

However, an added bonus is the availability of both live TV and TV-on-demand through XFINITY on Campus. This enables students who are currently living on campus to enjoy the benefits of their XFINITY subscription on their desktop, laptop, mobile devices, and even their television. This is offered for no additional costs to students.

You will need to know your MLC Account username and password because that is what you will use to log into the XFINITY applications (both on the web and on your devices). Please make sure that you are using your MLC Account credentials. If you have problems logging into MLC's central authentication website, please file a support request.

You can find the XFINITY Stream app on various app stores and also access everything at the XFINITY on Campus website at

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