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Resetting Passwords through SSPR

  • Visit and login with your Student Worker Admin credentials
  • On the resulting screen, select Help Desk
  • The search box will do a search across names, email addresses, MLC ID number, and usernames stored in eDirectory … make sure to select the proper person
  • The next screen will give you buttons to Unlock an account if it is locked or to Change Password for the account … select that which is appropriate
  • If you click to change the password, you will need to type a new password twice and then click Change Password in the modal box or click on Random Password to have a list of possible passwords to use (and will be immediately changed if you click on one)

The individual will need to set a new password the next time they try to log in. If they continue to have issues, have them contact Network Services, or come back, during business hours. They are able to find those hours at

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