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MLC Academic WLAN

Who Can Connect

In order to connect to the MLC Academic WLAN, you need two things:

  • a current MLC Account with authorization to connect
  • a device that is registered on the MLC Academic Network

This allows Network Services to restrict who can attach to the network and which of their devices. If you have the need to be able to connect to the MLC Academic WLAN, please stop in and talk with Network Services.

How To Connect

Connecting should be as easy as selecting the network, entering your MLC Account username and password when prompted, and accepting the certificate offered by the RADIUS server on campus. What order those things happen in is dependent on your computer, but all of those things will need to happen.


What happens when I change my MLC Account password?

When you change your MLC Account password, your Windows 10 machine will not prompt you to change your password that you use to connect to the MLC Academic WLAN. This causes your computer to not successfully connect to the network. Here are the steps to fix that (and we are working on a more permanent fix).

  1. click on the wireless network icon in the lower-right of the screen
  2. select Network setting
  3. choose Manage known networks
  4. choose MLC Academic WLAN
  5. click Forget

After that, you can connect to the MLC Academic WLAN as before.

I am using a Chromebook, Chrome OS, a Linux distribution, or some other operating system!

You are going to have to do more manual setup to get things working. Here are some settings you can look for!

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • EAP Phase 2 authentication: Automatic or MSCHAPv2
  • Server CA certificate: Do not check/validate

Then use your MLC Account username and password from there.

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