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 ===== How To Connect ===== ===== How To Connect =====
 +Any computing device with a web browser and a wireless network adapter are able to connect to the MLC Guest WLAN wireless network. The following instructions will help you get started.
 +  - Connect To the MLC Guest WLAN with your computing device and open a web browser.
 +  - Read the Acceptable Use Policy, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "I agree" button to proceed.
 +  - Choose who you are.
 +  - **Guest**: Please enter your full name and the passcode you received from someone on the faculty or staff of Martin Luther College.
 +  - **MLC User**: Please enter your [[network-services:​accounts|MLC Account]] username and password.
 +  - You now have access to the internet for a 24 hour period as a guest or 7 days as an MLC user.
 +If, at any point, you have any issues. Please stop by Network Services on the second floor of the Wittenberg Collegiate Center.
 ===== Problems ===== ===== Problems =====
 ==== I do not know the passcode needed as a guest. ==== ==== I do not know the passcode needed as a guest. ====
 +Guests will need to have a passcode (which can change periodically). Please contact the front desk or talk with another member of the campus for the current passcode. They will need to log into the [[http://​|MLC Portal]] and then visit Portal > Information > Network Guest Codes to retrieved the current passcode.
 ==== I cannot get the captive portal page to come up. ==== ==== I cannot get the captive portal page to come up. ====
 +Often this is an issue when the device'​s DNS settings are not being set automatically by our internal systems. This can happen if you (or your network admin at your school or work) have set the DNS servers manually, or there is an issue with your device.
 +Either reset your DNS settings or [[http://​​support|contact Network Services]].
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