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The MLC Guest WLAN is the main wireless network on campus for guests on campus. It is an open network that requires users to register via a captive portal before users are able to access the Internet. The MLC Guest WLAN has access to a limited number of campus-specific web properties, so internal users should instead log into the MLC Academic WLAN or MLC Student WLAN.

Who Can Connect

This is open to guests, faculty, staff, and students to connect to and use at any time. You do not need to have your device registered in the past, or have a campus-owned device either.

Guests will need to have a passcode (which can change periodically). Please contact the front desk or talk with another member of the campus for the current passcode. They will need to log into the MLC Portal and then visit Portal > Information > Network Guest Codes to retrieved the current passcode.

How To Connect


I do not know the passcode needed as a guest.

I cannot get the captive portal page to come up.

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