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Question 4

  • How do I recommend the best mentor for new teachers?

We understand that selection of mentors has already taken place, but this information is still very important for your work in the program.

One of the most important supports for the NTI program is the mentors. As a district leader you play and important role in who you recommend to serve as an instructional mentor for new teachers in your district. At the beginning of each calendar year district leaders, District School Coordinators, principals and directors, are asked to consider recommending teachers who have the gifts for mentoring. Teachers apply to the program between January 2 to March 1 and they need to have the recommendation of their administrator. This application timeline allows for review of applications and for mentors to begin their training in the summer.

Please read this article by James Rowley from Educational Leadership about what makes a good mentor. I think you'll find this article to be very insightful.

A really important understanding is that the best classroom teachers sometimes DO NOT make the best mentors. Please Review the NTI Guidelines for the Recommendation of Mentors.

Share this document with a potential mentor to help them decide if they would like to serve as a mentor.

Your recommendations and encouragement are often the impetus which prompt teachers to make application to become a mentor. Mentors begin this application process by completing the NTI Mentor Application Form,

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