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Printing Overview

The purpose of this page is to give a “10,000 foot” overview of how printing works on campus. This is mainly for informational purposes.

What Happens to Your Print Job

  1. Your computer submits a job to iPrint with the name of the printer you want to print to, your computer or Novell username
  2. iPrint submits the job to PaperCut for approval based on the username attached and the print job type (color, duplex, etc.)
    1. The print job is now being held by iPrint until it hears back from PaperCut
  3. PaperCut now checks the print job
    1. It checks if the username is in the system, how much the print job “costs”, and if the person has the needed print credit available to complete the job
    2. If PaperCut fails a check, it will cancel the job on iPrint and nothing will print
  4. If iPrint gets the “all clear” from PaperCut, then the print job is released to the printer you chose and is printed
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