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Print Troubleshooting

Here are some simple things to check if printing is not working as you would expect or hope.

  • Are you printing to the printer you expect? Some machines have more than one printer installed. Check to make sure that the proper printer is selected from the print dialog and that you know where that printer is located.
  • Can PaperCut know who you are? PaperCut will get sent your computer's username or your Novell username depending on whether you are logged into the Novell Client or not. If PaperCut is receiving the wrong username for any reason, then the print job can fail.
  • Do you have enough print credit to print the current job? Greyscale pages are $0.05/page and color pages are $0.25/page. You need to have that print credit available before you send the print job for it to be successful. It will not print a partial job.
  • Something else maybe? Have no clue what is going on? File a support request with Network Services and describe what happened as clearly and completely as you can so that we can take a look into it.
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