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Preparing an Antelope Skull

Step 1: This pronghorn “antelope” head was removed from a carcass by a wolf pack. It was frozen and sent to DMLC. When thawed, we carefully made a cut around the entire skull…

Step 2: to loosen the skin of the head from the flesh beneath it

Step 3: and the skin was carefully pulled off the animal's head

Step 4: so that it looked like this without its skin

Step 5: after which a fleshing knife was used to cut away as much meat as possible from the bones of the skull

Step 6: and the remaining skull was boiled in a sal soda solution for one and a half hours, tissue scraped free and the skull was bleached in a hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten it.

Most of the skulls in this case have been prepared in this fashion.

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