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Faculty and staff phones are configured for voicemail. Phones in common areas and classrooms do not have voicemail boxes.

  • To access your voicemail from your phone, press the message button on your phone or dial *97, enter the password
  • To access your voicemail from someone else's phone dial *98, enter the extension, enter the password
  • To access from outside the building, call your DID, if you have one, 233-9156 or have the receptionist transfer you to your extension if you called 345-8221. When the voicemail greeting answers, press *, enter your password.

All voicemail messages are also emailed as a .wav file to your MLC email address. You can listen to your voicemail messages on any computer or smart device with audio capabilities. (Note- deleting the email does not delete the message from your voicemail box.)

Voicemail guide and setup

Use this printable guide

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