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-====== Subsite Landing Pages ====== 
-As a web editor you have the ability to create a landing page for each subsite. A landing page is nothing more than a page with a simplified styling using widgets to create a unique layout for that specific subsite. Here are some guidelines for creating your landing page. 
-===== Creating A Landing Page ===== 
-  - Create a new Page (name it something that you will remember) 
-  - Go into the Enfold Theme settings 
-  - Choose your newly created page under ''​Frontpage Settings''​ (and click ''​Save All Settings''​) 
-  - Edit the page you created at the start 
-  - Change ''​Sidebar Settings''​ to ''​No Sidebar''​ 
-  - Change ''​Title Bar Settings''​ to ''​Hide both''​ 
-  - Save your page 
-Now you are free to use the Advanced Layout Editor to setup your landing page the way you like. 
-===== Items Each Landing Page Needs ===== 
-  * Title 
-  * Navigation 
-Everything else is up to you but you will need a title and some sort of navigation so that visitors are able to get to the information they need. There are a number of options for navigation, so you are free to play around with those. Remember, pages in your subsite besides the landing page will be required to follow the [[website:​standard-layout|standard layout]]. 
-===== Helpful Hints ===== 
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