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Subsite Landing Pages

As a web editor you have the ability to create a landing page for each subsite. A landing page is nothing more than a page with a simplified styling using widgets to create a unique layout for that specific subsite. Here are some guidelines for creating your landing page.

Creating A Landing Page

  1. Create a new Page (name it something that you will remember)
  2. Go into the Enfold Theme settings
  3. Choose your newly created page under Frontpage Settings (and click Save All Settings)
  4. Edit the page you created at the start
  5. Change Sidebar Settings to No Sidebar
  6. Change Title Bar Settings to Hide both
  7. Save your page

Now you are free to use the Advanced Layout Editor to setup your landing page the way you like.

Items Each Landing Page Needs

  • Title
  • Navigation

Everything else is up to you but you will need a title and some sort of navigation so that visitors are able to get to the information they need. There are a number of options for navigation, so you are free to play around with those. Remember, pages in your subsite besides the landing page will be required to follow the standard layout.

Helpful Hints

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