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Subsite Standard Layout

For most other pages within a subsite (besides the initial landing page), you must follow the standard layout.

The Standard Layout

The standard layout is made up of the following:

  • Page title above the content (pulled from the name of the page within WordPress)
  • Content area below the page title (on the left-hand side)
  • Navigation area for the subsite at the top of the right-hand column
  • Contact Us and Directory will be the final two links in your sub-navigation menu (if applicable)
  • No full-width widgets from the Advanced Editor

Subsite Navigation

Along with that, the navigation will be handled in the following way:

  • Name of the subsite will be on the top of the navigation (e.g. Library for the Library's subsite)
  • Navigation items can be no more than three deep (otherwise it starts to look very messy)
  • You can choose to have the navigation created automatically or to create custom menus (recommendation is for custom menus)
  • The first link in the navigation will be Home and will link back to the landing page for the subsite
  • The last two links will be Directory and/or Contact Us (if appropriate)

A Directory and Contact Us link will only be provided if it is meaningful for the area of the website. Contact Us is meant mainly for contact information specific to a department/office and not to individuals within that office.

Customization Opportunities

Besides having complete control over the content within your subsite, you can also add widgets below the mandated navigation for the subsite.

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