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Website 2016.1

New Enfold Styles

There will be a new style file to upload to each subsite and enable with some style tweaks to make everything a little more readable. This will include removing the strong styling from the quick CSS because it has been moved to the overall CSS file for the entire site.

Please make certain to set the following:

  • Frontpage Settings
  • And where do you want to display the Blog?

Take note of what they were set to before you apply the styling.

  • log into the subsite dashboard
  • click on Customize or select MLC Theme from the sidebar (if you are not taken there already)
  • click on Import/Export within the MLC Theme Theme Options page
  • click on Upload Theme Settings File
  • upload mlc_theme-settings-2016-2-12-v1.txt and click on Insert Settings File
  • click on Theme Options and then choose the correct homepage within Frontpage Settings and blog/news page within And where do you want to display the Blog?
  • click the Save all changes button
  • check the site to see if the theme was successfully applied
  • remove “beta.” from the link in the footer widgets (column 1) for the MLC logo
  • remove “beta.” from the link in the footer widgets (column 4) for MLC Streams
  • change link for Calendar in Tools menu to
  • add Feedback link in foot socket menu (very bottom-right)
  • remove Directions and add Print Services to Resources menu (column 2)

Will be uploading a new main menu structure, there are many changes to make.

  • change Arts > Campus Ensembles to Arts > Music at MLC and change link to
  • change link for Donate and Donate > Donate Online to
  • add “Home ” before each of the repeated headings in each menu (except Athletics and Donate)
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