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Using Your Personal Laptop

Most classrooms are setup specifically to allow faculty members at Martin Luther College to quickly and easily get ready for their class. This currently includes a docking station specific to the model of laptop currently in-use. However, classrooms can be setup to allow personal laptops to be used for presentations.

If you need that capability, please contact Network Services with your support request.

The following instructions commonly work across campus when a universal docking station is available.

Video Through Projector

  1. Install the appropriate driver for the universal docking station display driver for your operating system
  2. Connect the USB cable from the universal docking station to your computer (and let your operating system install any additional drivers)
  3. Turn on the projector using the white Epson remote
  4. Turn on the Epson document camera using the switch in the upper-right corner
  5. Select RGB2 on the Epson document camera to switch video to display from your laptop
  6. Use the projector remote's Source Search to select the proper source on the projector if it is not working

Audio Through Speakers

Audio is sent out through the universal docking station. When you connect the USB cable, you will also have access to the sound system in the room. You might need to change the output on your device.

  1. Control the volume using the PC knob on the wooden sound box

Internet Access

  • You will want to use the MLC Guest WLAN for internet access while on campus
  • If you do not know the current access code for registering as a guest on campus, please contact the front desk, Network Services, or talk to a faculty or staff member

If you run into issues, please stop in Network Services to ask for assistance.

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