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Print Credit

MLC uses PaperCut to handle the print credit and print resource reporting.

Logging Into Your PaperCut Account

  1. Visit from an MLC-managed computer (office computer, wired faculty laptop, computer lab desktop)
  2. On the resulting page, login with your MLC username and password
  3. You are now logged in

What You Can Do

From this site you can do the following things:

  • Check your current print credit amount
  • See how many total print jobs and pages your account has printed
  • Check your resent transactions and print jobs
  • See if you have any jobs pending release
  • Find a link to submit a support request
  • Log out

Adding Print Credit

Please stop in at Network Services during our open hours to have someone add print credit to your account. We currently accept the following payment types for print credit:

  • Cash
  • Check


  • If you cannot log in, or have forgotten your password, please file a support request
  • If your jobs are not printing, it is possible that you are out of print credit
    • See above for how to add print credit to your account
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